CYPRO attends one of the largest security events in the nordics

In November 2017 we attended the security exhibition Nordic IT Security, as a way to reach out to the security world. Our goals where to attract interest to our new cyber security solutions for companies, which for instances can act as a way to detect security incidents on the company network.

One of the main purposes of the conference was to promote the Security Event and Information Manager (SIEM) IBM Qradar . It helps detect incidents and can help security analysts be more efficient. The tool also implements the Watson AI as a way to speed up detection, response and also detect anomalies in user behavior.



Overall the conference gave an insight in different areas of cyber security and protection mechanisms, and we long for the upcoming opportunities for this. However, most importantly we hope to be able to continue to share our knowledge about IT security to others and thus help the world defend against the upcoming security challenges.