Have you ordered DDoS attacks in the near future? Then you may be in trouble. Europol has confirmed that it will chase hundreds of customers of the now-closed webstresser.org and several other DDoS rental services - which contributed to millions of attacks on, among others, banks and government institutions.


The shutdown of Webstresser.org

Earlier this year, one of the world's largest DDoS rental services was taken down. These services are also called booters or stressers and make it possible to free up huge amounts of traffic from hacked servers - for as little as SEK 170 a month. The service that was taken down was called Webstresser.org and was according to Europol one of the world's largest markets for DDoS services: Over 4 million attacks were released via the 151 000 registered users page.


In search of both users and creators

Now, however, the users of the service are at risk. IN a press release Europol announced that police institutions around the world now have access to large amounts of information about all Webstresser.org users - Data police cannot wait to use.

In the UK, most users have received both police visits and electronics seized, with other operations performed and ongoing against criminals concerning DDoS crimes. Measures have also been taken in the Netherlands for the users of DDoS services.

It is clearly shown that the police are no longer just focusing on the creators of DDoS services, a statement supported by the FBI. "Whether you launch the DDoS attack or hire a DDoS service to do it for you, the FBI considers it criminal activity", FBI Bureau Manager Matthew Gorham said .

For more information on DDoS attacks, see the article about them 15 DDoS rental services seized by the FBI.


By Max Kardos, CYPRO.