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“Secure infrastructure and e-commerce is absolutely key for us. Having tried different vendors, we finally found expertise and a long term security partner in CYPRO. Cypro has demonstrated excellent security testing in several projects where Axfood has been very pleased with the end results as well as how easy and enjoyable it is working with these guys ”

Kenneth Korpi, IT Security Manager @ Axfood

“I would recommend anyone looking for a partner within strategic cyber security and compliance partner to contact CYPRO. They are really focused on creating business value for us as a customer. ”

Michael Öhrn, IT Manager @ Svenska Jägarförbundet

Our partners

Terra Verde

Strategic partner

CYPRO AB has agreed on strategic partnership with TerraVerde. TerraVerde offers 10 years of industry experience in data security from 1500 customers and 15 different countries. TerraVerde is known for its experience and reputation as a security, risk and compliance consulting company, with a portfolio of Managed Security Services that has gained influence from small growth companies and global companies. The two companies will complement each other mainly within market presence and security management capacity.

Alien Vault

A uniform security management tool that simplifies security. AlienVault has one of the industry's leading SIEM platforms that help industries worldwide meet compliance requirements, detect threats, vulnerabilities, manage logs, and analyze user behaviors. AlienVault has security solutions that can be placed in the cloud or locally and fit all IT infrastructure. They also have the largest open hot exchange platform (OTX) that helps CYPRO stay up to date with the latest security threats.


Turn machine data into response. Splunk has a unique log management tool that enables users to visualize and create meaning of large amounts of data. Splunk also has a security solution that helps customers discover real-time threats. Their tools help companies solve tough IT, security and business problems by analyzing machine data.


This company does not require much introduction. One of the largest in IT security that offers advanced solutions, such as. their SIEM platforms, “QRadar” and “Incident Response Tool Resilience”. One of the things that makes IBM unique is the integration with AI Watson, which brings a whole new level of detection security issues.

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