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We offer a holistic view that focuses on security for users and networks. Our goal is to challenge the large, inflexible and expensive players in the Nordic security market by offering a better solution for small and medium-sized companies.

Custom-made security solutions



Online sales, a fantastic opportunity for growth but a big challenge in security. Investments are needed to reach a secure infrastructure. CYPRO advisory services provide an agenda of key activities for streamlined solutions for each risk posture.



Public Sector has a large need of increasing awareness of security in its organizations. According to MSB only 2017% of the municipalities had an overall security knowledge 36. CYPRO helps increasing the awareness - necessary for each IT organization with the ongoing changing regulations. And implementing necessary security systems in place.



CYPRO helps to detect vulnerabilities, external attacks and risks generated from the internal network on a continuous basis. Large attack surfaces require a continuous security work but even the changing threat landscape makes frequent work necessary to minimize security issues. CYPRO helps to reach an agreed risk posture and keep external attackers away.



By using CYPRO you will stay compliant with ever-changing rules and regulations, your systems are updated, and all patient data remains secure, ensuring privacy and confidentiality. CYPRO can be modified to fit your environment, help to protect sensitive and critical data that is handled every day.


CYPRO is people helping people. The members of our competent support team have extensive knowledge and experience of the market, different platforms and how managed security really works. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge, we will facilitate and improve your security systems. 

Christian Yng, CEO

Christian Yng

Joakim Lindström
penetration Testers


Kenneth Blomqvist
Information security specialist

Andres Gomez
IT-security Consult

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