CYPRO has all features you need to protect your business


Our analysts monitor your environment and identify threats. They find attackers and give you the answers you need to kick them out and keep them out. Key aspects being checking Business traffic crossing a boundary, Activity at a boundary, Internal workstation, server or device, Internal network activity, Network connections, Session activity by user & work station, Alerting on events, Accurate time in log and Data backup status.
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Behavioural monitoring

This feature comes from one of the tools used inside the CYPRO SOC. By analysing logs and network traffic, we monitor how users behave on the network. We can for instance spot attempts to access malicious websites, phishing attacks or brute-force attacks.
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Threat intelligence

This feature comes from one of the tools used inside the CYPRO SOC.
By using the largest threat intelligence platform, our customers and analysts are always up-to-date with the latest security knowledge. The intelligence platform is also connected to the intrusion detections systems (IDS), which ensures that they constantly detect the latest security threats.
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Vulnerability assessment

This feature comes from one of the tools used inside the CYPRO SOC.
We perform authenticated vulnerability scanning to identify vulnerabilities throughout the entire IT infrastructure. These are done frequently since new vulnerabilities are released on a daily basis. To ensure that all of the latest vulnerabilities are being found, the software uses known vulnerability databases such as MITRE or specific product vendors own databases.
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Remediation strategy

Cyber Risk Remediation Analysis (RRA) is a methodology for selecting countermeasures to reduce a cyber-asset’s susceptibility to cyber-attack over a range of attack Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) associated with the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Cypro follows the MITRE methodology.

Identify the cyber-assets most critical to mission accomplishment (the “crown jewels” of a Crown Jewels Analysis).
Understand the threats and associated risks to those assets (accomplished via a subsequent cyber Threat Susceptibility Analysis (TSA)).
Select mitigation measures to prevent and/or fight through attacks (cyber Risk Remediation Analysis (RRA) is used to identify recommended mitigation measures).

Cyber risk remediation analysis (RRA) is the final step in the process framework. It is a methodology for selecting countermeasures (CMs) to reduce a cyber-asset’s susceptibility to cyber-attack over a range of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) associated with the APT. A CM is defined as an action, device, procedure, or technique that opposes or counters a threat, a vulnerability, or an attack by eliminating or preventing it, by minimizing the harm it can cause, or by detecting and reporting it so that corrective action can be taken [2]. The selection of CMs is governed by the system life cycle of the cyber-asset being evaluated. Recommended CMs are those judged to be effective at mitigating TTPs to which a cyber-asset may be susceptible. CMs cover a broad spectrum, including changes to requirements, system design, testing, deployment configuration, and/or operating procedures.
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Security awareness training

A large amount of threats originates from inside the company through unconsciously malicious behavior of employees. This is because security is tricky and people get fooled easily. CYPRO helps with building more awareness to security issues. For instance, we can help to educate employees to detect phishing mails, we can help building security policies and hold lectures to bring more attention to day-to-day security issues.
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SIEM and Log management

This feature comes from one of the tools used inside the CYPRO SOC.
A SIEM solution collects and analyzes billions of events on premises or in the cloud per day. The solution unifies threat monitoring, vulnerability and risk management, and incident response into a single platform. CYPRO integrates and sell SIEM solutions from multiple vendors which gives us the ability to provide the best solution for you as a client.

The platform simplifies the workload for security analysts by gathering all information in a single platform. It analyzes all log sources found in your network and finds incidents, threats, anomalies, and dangerous user behavior. The tools can also detect assets on the network that otherwise would go unnoticed. Today’s attackers are more organized than ever, to keep up we need to organize systems. By implementing a SIEM solution you are taking a substantial leap into meeting the new demands on the complex security landscape.
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Intrusion detection

This feature comes from one of the tools used inside the CYPRO SOC.
CYPRO Installs network and host intrusion detection systems (NIDS and HIDS) inside the infrastructure to discovery attacks occuring in real-time. The NIDS is connected to the network infrastructure to monitor all network traffic and identify threats. The HIDS analyses logs from the network infrastructure or critical endpoints present on the networks. Together they are able to detect security incidents throughout the infrastructure. Thus providing a holistic security coverage.
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Asset Discovery

This feature comes from one of the tools used inside the CYPRO SOC.
Detect rogue assets inside the corporate infrastructure by regularly doing asset scanning of all networks. Asset scanning also helps to identify services, open ports, and device information to help get an overview of the networks and devices.
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Professional advisory services

Through our analysis of your security situation, your level of protection will be described and developed. We help you advance from basic, advanced to expert level security answering to the type of threats your organization meet. We start with mapping the current situation by identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities present on the client infrastructure, work our way up to guiding the client to apply the appropriate remediation techniques, lastly ensuring the success of the remediation. This is a service that guarantees a more secure time tomorrow for you as a Cypro client.
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Penetration testing

Identifying the weaknesses in systems and applications is a crucial part of increasing the security of all companies. CYPRO provides a penetration testing service provided by well experienced security experts, that knows how an attacker might exploit the systems. CYPRO concludes the test by verifying that the identified risks are remediated by performing verification tests.

The penetration testing service delivers an extensive report that contains all risks present on the client’s assets and network devices. Performing regular penetration testing and remediating the present vulnerabilities is key to a healthy and secure company infrastructure.
▪ Certified security specialists
▪ 15 years of advanced testing in various industries such as larger banks and telecommunication companies
▪ Well proven penetration testing methods
▪ Manual testing accompanied by selected tools
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End-point detection & response

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions offer continuous monitoring and response to advanced security threats. This way the security analysts can discover, investigate and respond to all cyber threats and broader attacks across multiple endpoints.
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Why cypro?

Created to protect against cyber attacks

CYPRO is created to protect your business and customer data from viruses and hackers. Cost-effective and specifically built for for small/medium sized businesses that are looking to stay compliant and protected.

How it works

Security operations center (SOC)

your IT-infrastructure automatically
send logs & network traffic

. . . . . .

logs & network traffic
is analysed by CYPRO SOC

CYPRO alerts about threats & vulnerabilities on your
IT-infrastructure including remediation actions.

. . . . . .

What you get

A secure business; a happier team


Focus on what matters

Our solutions filters out false-positives and quickly engage you on the threats you need to care about.


Identify the root cause

We identify the root cause for vulnerabilities and security incidents, so you can fix the origin. Thus preventing future attacks and securing your infrastructure.


specific actions for each incident

When we confirm an incident, we recommend specific actions to resolve each issue. And we write them in plain English so anyone can understand.


Track your improvement

Are you getting more secure? Measure how we are doing, see how much better you are getting and why.

You will be served with a holistic security solution
addressing all user and network security issues.


We help you setup and configure your security

1. we Install a sensor

Sensors are installed on your network to collect data from computers, servers and other internet connected devices.

2. Configure

We configure the infrastructure to forward logs and network traffic to the sensor.

3. Tune

We establish a baseline for normal activity and tune the environment to ensure that we get a full security coverage.

4. Hand over to SOC

The SOC monitoring starts immediately after the tuning is done.

Free consultation

In Swedish or English

We protect your privacy. No contact information will be shared with external parties. Read our privacy policy.


the most competitive price on the market

  Cypro Existing solutions
Total price per month From 35k >100k
SIEM & Log Management . .
Vulnerability Assessment . .
Behavior Monitoring . .
Intrusion Detection . .
Threat Intelligence . .
Asset Discovery . .
Professional Advisory Service . .
Monitoring . .
Remediation Strategy .  
Penetration Testing .  
Security Awareness Training .  

Working with all the industry standard tools

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