We are passionate about IT security and want to help you secure your valuable assets

Reasons why IT security is more important now than ever

The number of attacks and infringements against companies and organizations is constantly increasing.

GDPR brings new requirements, which entail that all stored data needs to be highly protected.

The value of stored data is increasing, which gives increased incentives for outsiders and insiders to use this data illegally.

How can we help you?


We believe in starting on a small scale by protecting the most critical assets first. For us it is important that you get a custom protection that fits both your wallet and risk level. In order to assess the most critical assets, we always offer one free consultation meeting with one of our security experts.


After an initial meeting, most customers start with a current situation analysis in the form of a penetration test to determine what risks their systems are exposed to. Based on this, you can then choose to proceed on your own or gain access to one of our services.

What makes us unique?

We believe that expertise and personal service are essential factors in the choice of security partners.
By having access to our engaged security team, you will effectively secure your digital assets. At the moment, we offer two separately packaged security services.


For continuous security, we offer a complete monitoring team as a remote service. A great alternative to recruiting or hiring expensive consultants.

By signing up for a subscription, you share the cost with our other customers but get the same value back as if you had had a dedicated team in-house. Imagine Spotify or Netflix but for IT security. The license fee is adapted to the size of the organization and the number of servers.

Read more about how it works.


This service is for those of you who have an IT partner and on an ongoing basis (suggested quarterly) wants to ensure that the security is up to par. Our team conducts quarterly penetration tests and gives a report on how the risk image looks. Every quarter you get a snapshot of potential threats and recommended actions.

In addition to the tests, education and Security Operations development can also be added to ensure that over time uncertainties are removed from your current systems.

Read more about how it works.

We are at the forefront of

SIEM platforms and managed security

What is an SIEM platform?

An SIEM security information and event management platform provides real-time analysis of all data generated by all your applications and network hardware.

What is managed security?

You can outsource your security to a security provider (MSSP) such as CYPRO. We will handle all your networking services with the best expertise, know-how and over 20 + years of experience.

Protects your data

. Credit Card Data
. Business Data
. Medical records
. Customer Data
. Personal data
. R&D data

"Probably the best support in Scandinavia!"

Flexible and affordable

We are the leader in providing SIEM platforms from a wide range of brands. In addition, we have the most competitive price on the market!

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We protect your privacy. No contact information will be shared with external parties. Read our security policy.

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