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Continuously identify, analyze, and address IT security issues. Constant access to a complete self-learning security department.

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How to identify and handle security threats

Attacks on businesses have become increasingly more common. Are you prepared and have the opportunity to identify and react to it?

The Cypro SOC service has certified personnel with expert competence in this. They monitor and act on security incidents in your IT network. Then you can efficiently analyse the situation and take the right action immediately, reducing the restoration cost.

SIEM-incident management tools and security experts provide a service that can identify threats and manage risks to protect your business.

Who is it for?

Our expertise and experience is mainly geared towards medium-sized businesses. We have experts who try to see the holistic image of your organisation and how we can help you increase the safety of your enterprise.

Flexibility: We believe flexibility is key when designing a solution for you since no two companies are exactly the same. 

Build-operate-transfer: We offer services where we build up a system for you and make sure it works as intended. Later, you can either let us keep monitoring your network, or you can let an in-house IT employee do it.

What you see is what you get

Focused service
Our solutions filter out false positives so that your time is spent on the right things.

Specific actions for each incident

When we confirm an incident, we recommend specific measures to solve each problem.

Identify the root cause

We identify the causes of vulnerabilities and security incidents so you can fix the problem. This will prevent future attacks and secure your infrastructure.

Follow your improvement

Are you safer? Measure our progress, see how much better you have become and why.

How does it work?


We install sensors that automatically send logs and network traffic to the SOC to be scanned and analysed.


Cypro SOC identifies security threats 8/5 or 24/7 and takes necessary actions with IT department.

Actions and tactics

The security threats are evaluated and specific tactics are put into action depending on the threat.

The Installation Process

  1. Sensors are installed on your network to collect data from computers, servers, and other Internet-connected devices.

  2. We configure the infrastructure to forward logs and network traffic to the sensor.

  3. We establish a baseline for normal activity and adjust the environment to ensure that we get full security coverage.

  4. The SOC monitoring starts immediately after the adjustment is complete.

Contact us for more information

Tell us your name and email along with a short message about whatever you are wondering. We will come back to you as soon as we can and hope to start a conversation about your security and how we can aid you.