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Wheather you want to test your systems using a small penetration test or want to go all in and invest in a top-notch security system – we are at your service.

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Information security advice service

We deliver security advice services to our customers’ leadership teams and their IT departments during all phases of their Digital Transformation journey.

Security testing service

Simulate real attacks with penetration tests to identify potential exploitable vulnerabilities in your systems.

Security Operation Service

Our SOC team will continuously identify, analyze and address your IT security issues. The team act as your internal security operations center with constant access to threat intelligence and mitigation actions and providing you with a self-learning collaboration environment

We work proactive, defensive and offensive

Information Security Advice Services using ISO27001 proactive best practices

The Blue team

Monitoring services

Digital forensic and incident response

Security Operation Center (SOC) assessments

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The Red Team

Deep penetration tests

Red team assessments

Offensive security research

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Our main business areas

Online Retail

Online sales are one of the most lucrative opportunities for growth but also one of the biggest security challenges. It can never succeed unless sufficient efforts are made for a secure infrastructure. CYPRO’s advice provides an agenda with key activities for tailor-made solutions adapted to each risk profile.

CYPRO AB - Managed Cyber Protection

Public Sector

Public authorities, municipalities and county councils need to continue to increase their efforts to secure their data. MSB claims that only 36% of the municipalities have an overall safety awareness. CYPRO can help increase this and over time meet future regulations that will be a must for all government IT organizations. And implement necessary system support in the security area.


CYPRO helps to detect vulnerabilities, external attacks, and risks generated from the internal network continuously. Large attack surfaces require continuous security work but even the changing threat landscape makes frequent work necessary to minimize security issues. CYPRO helps to reach an agreed risk posture and keep external attackers away.


With CYPRO, you get help to comply with legal requirements even when they change over time. Your systems are kept up to date, patient data secure, with the assurance of integrity and confidentiality. CYPRO helps keep sensitive and critical data safe – necessary for day-to-day operations.