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We deliver security advice services to our customers and their IT departments during all phases of their digital transformation journey. We aim to make sure that you stay ahead of the competition and stay away from costly downtime caused by viruses, updates, slow running computers, and error messages, etc. always compliant with standards and customer requirements.

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The initial step is for us to establish contact and for you to gain trust in us and our security technicians.

If you have discovered that all businesses sooner rather than later need some sort of security investment, we want to get in contact with you. We offer services such as consultations and education about what you can do to keep your business safe and secure.

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While cyberattacks will not stop any time soon, nor has any magic bullet been found to resolve all the issues in cybersecurity, there are clear and concrete steps that leaders can take to best prepare themselves and their organizations for an attack. Cybersecurity is not a separate technology, but rather a priority of the systems spanning technology, people and processes in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The ongoing shift from cybersecurity to cyber resilience is an important step towards a more trustworthy and sustainable future.

Significant digitalization has provided a pathway for engagement and connectivity at a time when the world was supposed to stay apart. Its benefits are clear, but so are the threats. To assure we maintain a trusted, secure and protected digital environment, it is imperative that leadership teams better incorporate cybersecurity and break down siloes both within and between organizations to improve cyber resilience. Our holistic approach will advise you during the change program of your systems technology, people and processes.

The Information Security Advice Portfolio

The information security advice services

Cypro can deliver are the following:

  • vCISO – an assigned resource with experience building and improving information security programs. 
  • Threat intelligence, including competence development 
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment  
  • ISO27001 gap analysis 
  • Network Architecture advice services 
  • Vulnerability Management Advice services  
  • Optional: Security audit services (ISAE3402). 

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