Our Partners

Cypro AB has agreed to a strategic partnership with Avertium. Avertium offers ten years of industry experience in data security with over 1500 customers in 15 countries. Avertium is known for its experience and reputation as a security, risk, and compliance consulting company, with a portfolio of managed security services that has been influenced by small growth companies and global companies. The two companies will complement each other mainly in terms of in-market presence and security management capacity.

AlienVault is a unified tool that simplifies security management. It is one of the industry’s leading SIEM platforms. It helps industries around the world meet compliance requirements by detecting threats and vulnerabilities, managing logs, and analysing user behaviors. AlienVault has security solutions that can be placed in the cloud or locally and fit all IT infrastructure. They also have the largest open threat exchange platform (OTX) that helps CYPRO stay updated with the latest security threats.

Turn machine data into answers. Splunk has a unique log management tool that enables users to visualise and create meaning from large amounts of data. Splunk also has a security solution that helps customers detect threats in real time. Their tools help companies solve tough IT, security, and business problems by analysing machine data.

This company does not require much introduction. One of the largest IT security companies offers advanced solutions, such as their SIEM platforms, “QRadar” and “Incident Response Tool Resilience.” One of the things that makes IBM unique is the integration with AI Watson, which brings a whole new level of detection of security issues.