600Minutes & CYPRO

600Minutes Executive IT Sweden is a must-attend event for top IT-professionals and decision makers who wish to elevate their business in a digitizing world. Through this event, a platform for communication between top decision makers and IT-professionals is created. This gives an exciting opportunity to meet and network. CYPRO will be there to explain our services and the importance of security in today’s businesses. This is especially true with GDPR being all the more relevant.

The event takes place on the 14th of March, we’d be happy to meet you there! We will discuss digital defenses and how to make it cost effective and easy to use. Please contact Management Events for free entrance! If you wish to contact CYPRO directly, you can do so through contact@cypro.com.


Who we are

CYPRO AB is the challenger on the IT-security market for the SME-segment in the Nordics. As cyber-crimes reach an all time high and with GDPR around the corner, the organizational need for security has never been higher. During 2017 we experienced state-sponsored attacks, ransomware, breaches and critical vulnerabilities. In combination with the requirements set by GDPR shows that the security personnel will have a lot on their hands. The regulation demands, for example, incidents be detected and reported from the average 242 days down to only 3.

You need a partner with a holistic approach towards the company security posture. CYPRO provides this. First, we base our proposals on thorough need-analysis by looking at processes, people and technology. Secondly, we have a 360-degree approach on prevention, detection and response to advanced threats. Thirdly, we can deliver complete security solutions – Giving you some offload from otherwise heavy investments in equipment and personnel. We deliver our services from well-known security intelligence portals where Time-to-Value is short.

CYPRO customers have access to the CYPRO Eco-System and Threat Intelligence in terms of IT-security experts, partnerships with industry leading players, leading product vendors and insurance companies. Our references span from different industry clouds such as Telecom, Retail and Education.

Receiving the right solution, from detection to remediation, means that you can protect yourself against even the most advanced of threats and be on your way towards GDPR-compliance. Ask CYPRO.